Padres Placing On Their Large Boy Pants And Going Full Fernando

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There’s a big contingent of individuals logging on, who’re like, so that you like Fernando Tatis Jr. (0-for-5) now? I see, so that you like cheaters? Let’s name these individuals, The Moralists. They’ve by no means completed something dangerous of their life. Good for them. Higher than me, however they’re possible higher than everybody. So, hey, The Moralists, I am sorry, I grew up loving Mark McGwire, you’ll be able to’t disgrace me into caring about steroids now. This is a dialog between me and The Moralists:

The Moralist, “You see that nice participant who could be very enjoyable?”
“Fernando Tatis Jr.? Sure, I do see him.”
“I do not like him anymore as a result of he cheated by taking medication.”
“Oh, so you are a nerd?!”

People who find themselves like, “So, you are defending dishonest?” I’m not Perry Mason. I’m merely excited concerning the return of a man I drafted in a fantasy baseball league. A man who’s enjoyable. His identify is Enjoyable The Jewels for Chrissake! Any hoo! Welcome again, Enjoyable The Jewels, now LFG! Anyway, here is what else I noticed yesterday in fantasy baseball: