Successfully Wild Episode 1982: Season Preview Collection: Mets and Athletics

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter concerning the WBC’s TV rankings in Japan and (8:56) attainable penalties of MLB’s RSN shake-up, then proceed their 2023 season preview collection by discussing the New York Mets (21:08) with Deesha Thosar of Fox Sports activities, and the Oakland Athletics (1:00:11) with Matt Kawahara of The SF Chronicle, plus a Previous Blast from 1982 (1:39:53) and trivia solutions (1:52:11).

2023 EW Season Preview Collection

Audio intro: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial 1: The Beets, “Watching Television
Audio interstitial 2: Goodbye Kumiko, “Oakland
Audio outro: Superare, “Sunglasses

Link to Tokyo water pressure story
Link to report about WBC ratings
Link to Twitter thread about ratings
Link to Super Bowl ratings
Link to highest WS ratings
Link to MLB WBC press release
Hyperlink to co-exclusive associate banter
Link to Sheehan’s newsletter
Link to MLBTR on Diamond
Link to Premier League history
Hyperlink to groups’ native income
Link to FanGraphs playoff odds
Link to FG payroll breakdown
Link to Mets offseason tracker
Link to Mets depth chart
Link to Deesha on Díaz
Hyperlink to Jay Jaffe on Díaz
Link to Mets trumpet taps video
Link to Deesha on Álvarez and Baty
Link to Deesha on the farm system
Link to Deesha’s author archive
Link to Athletics offseason tracker
Link to Athletics depth chart
Link to Nimmo video
Link to Nimmo article
Link to West Wing scene
Link to Eck’s Pirates comments
Link to Vogt hiring story
Link to Matt on CF
Link to story on Pache in LF
Link to Dan Moore on the A’s park
Link to Matt’s spring hitting preview
Link to Matt’s spring pitching preview
Link to Matt’s author archive
Link to 1982 article source
Link to Opti-Web glove
Link to BP on Mizuno
Link to article on baseball sunglasses
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter

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